Michigan State Grange
2021-2022 Program
Legislation is a very important part of the Grange program. Use it to interest present and prospective members. Coordinate legislative efforts with those of the Master and other officers and departments of your Grange.

1. Appoint a Chairman.

2. Use the State and National Grange Legislative Booklets as a resource.

3. Become involved, in, and knowledgeable on, local issues. Be informed.

4. Prepare resolutions and send them to county, state, and national representatives — both Grange and Government.

5. Publicize legislative activities.

6. Place National Grange legislative materials in a notebook to use as a handy reference.

7. Compile a list of public officials at local, state and national levels. Keep names and addresses available for future contact.

8. Update your Grange. Let your Master know you have, and wish to give, a report at every meeting. Encourage discussion.

9. Call for action. Encourage your Grange to react to an issue by drafting a resolution or letter and sending it to the appropriate public officials and your local newspaper and radio station.

10. Contact other groups with similar interests. Organize efforts on specific issues.

11. Follow through on Grange-adopted policy. Find out why things have not changed, and learn how they can be changed.

12. Make voter registration a priority. Set a goal of having all eligible members of your Grange registered to vote. Involve the Grange in non-partisan voter registration drives.

13. Ask public figures to join your Grange. This could be the start of a good working relationship.

14. Work with Lecturer to promote a Grange Issues Forum.

15. Work with the Agriculture Committee to promote farm issues; the Information Chairman to publicize the Grange position on issues affecting your community; the Membership Committee to inform potential new members of the legislative interests of your Grange; the Youth/Young Adult Chairman and Junior Leader (or chairman) to encourage young people to become informed and active in public affairs; the Deaf Awareness Chairman to pro-mote effective legislation for deaf and hard of hearing people.

16. Hold a Candidate’s Night. Invite non-members.

17. Have discussions on Health Care Reform, or have a community wide meeting to discuss the subject.