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Proceeds will go towards celebrating
​Michigan State Grange's 150th Anniversary​​​​​​


As our committee is meeting and things going through our heads when we are not meeting, we figured out that the date that we had planned (April 8th, 2023) is the day before Easter. So, with the committee trying to get out of town guests there, we have decided to have it the following Saturday, April 15th, 2023. 
As discussions progress, we have decided to name the event “The Michigan State Grange Sesquicentennial Gala” instead of anniversary or celebration. 

​We have decided on a venue for the Gala. It is going to be held at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center in the Lincoln Room on the MSU campus. We have chosen this location and time because it is pretty much centrally located in the state so our northern Grange members will have ample time to get there and then return home in the same day (we really would like to see you there). We will be reserving a block of rooms at the hotel if you do not want to drive home the same day. We will be posting room rates at a different time (I have not found this information out yet). We will have a social hour at noon with a luncheon at 1:00 and some selected speakers following. So, we now have a venue, a time, and the date.

​We have decided on a logo that will be used throughout this campaign. 

​Not sure if your Grange has been active or not this winter but we are asking again that when your grange is doing a fundraiser you might want to donate part of your proceeds to this endeavor. Through a cash donation or gift cards for the fundraiser raffle. 

​We have applied for the raffle license and the date of the drawing will be the day of the Gala. This gives us a year as an state wide organization to get out there and sell tickets. And, if you are having an event that you will be participating in, we can get tickets to you sell as well. I am sure some committee members would be willing to come help. Remember, the more we can raise the better the Gala will be.

​We are hoping that you are collecting photos, newspaper articles, etc. of your Grange for your board that will be on display during the Gala. Mary Ann Rocco, your Community Service Lead has put in her article ideas on what you should bring to the workshop on May 21st at 1:00 at Burns Grange. We have some talented people on the committee to assist with this. We will have the display boards, computer, printer, and lots of hands to help. If you are not quite sure on what you should bring, come anyway. We can give you ideas, direction and expertise in putting one together. We are requesting some time during State Session to help those, who cannot come in May, put theirs together. Once done, you will be able to display your board at events that you are hosting or participating in. 

​We know that this is an election year so local representatives and senators might be changing so we are going to postpone the request for names at this time. After the election we will need to know as soon as possible so we can get invitations out to your respective representatives. 

​Let each and every one of us work on this. 150 years as an organization is something we should be very proud of and really, really promote. Not just at state level but locally too. We are strong and we are proud. Let’s show it by getting behind this and making this Gala the best ever. Thank you everyone. 

​Respectively submitted,
Rich Hazen

​I know it’s been a while since you have heard about the plans for the 150-year sesquicentennial celebration that we will be hosting next year. There have been a couple of postponements due to illness and family crisis but we are now actively meeting to finalize plans. 
The date of the celebration/banquet will take place April 8th, 2023. We will have a social hour at noon with a luncheon at 1:00 and some selected speakers following. So, we have a time and date. What we are looking for is a banquet venue in or around Lansing. If anyone would have any suggestions it would be appreciated. We will be actively looking though. 

​We are also requesting that if you are planning on attending that you might provide us with your current Michigan State Representative/Senator so we can send them an invitation if you would like us to. This is a great way to get the Michigan State Legislature there to show them that the Grange is still a viable organization and is very active in the Michigan community 

​One of the things we have discussed is how we are funding this event. We do have a commitment from our MSG Executive Board. $1500 to start but we are planning on having this banquet “at no cost to our attendees”. With this is mind we have put in place a raffle to help raise funds. 

​The main prize will be a variety of gift cards totaling $250.00 (i.e., gas, restaurants, or retail establishments), second place will be a painting, and third prize will be a quilted lap robe. We are asking individual Granges or members to donate a gift card or two to help us out. Of course, they will have to be cards that anyone in the State of Michigan can use. If we receive more gift cards, we will use those for the silent auction during state session this year.  

​We have also discussed that maybe when your Grange is doing a fundraiser that you might want to donate part of your proceeds to this endeavor. Fredonia Grange has done that in the past with their pancake brunches. We would donate half of our proceeds to another cause. Great recognition. The more money we can accumulate the better the venue and meal. 
Another topic that has been discussed is that each Grange (active or inactive) makes a display board depicting the history of your Grange and community service projects that you are currently or have worked on in the past. These will be displayed at state session and also at the banquet. 

​To help with this, we are planning on holding a workshop May 21st at 1:00 at Burns Grange to help you put one together. We are asking that you bring photos, history, etc. to put on your board and we will help you put it together. We have some talented people on the committee to assist with this. We will have the display boards, computer, printer, and lots of hands to help. We need to impress the dignitaries that will be coming and if we can have the displays boards at their finest would be fantastic. If you would not be able to attend, we are willing to come to you so we can have these for state session. More information on this will be coming soon.

​Our next committee meeting is April 2nd and are hoping that we have a venue in place so we can start sending out invitations. Until then………..

​Respectively submitted,
Rich Hazen