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"The Dictionary Project" started in South Carolina. The purpose of the project is to put dictionaries into the hands of third graders. These dictionaries are theirs to keep. The organizers of this project are well organized, and have structured the project to make it a success with a minimum of effort. The website includes sample letters, suggestions for labeling the dictionaries, press releases... in short they have thought of everything you need to make the project a success. You may even send for samples of the dictionaries that are offered for sale. Since the current school year is at an end you will have plenty of time to collect information on you school, ordering the dictionaries and make presentation to the school.

There are four things to recommend this project:

GOOD PURPOSE — The Grange has always supported the advancement of education

MEDIUM EXPENSE — The dictionaries are available at a reasonable cost. The books are sold in case lots.

MINIMUM EFFORT — The instructions are very complete. All the thinking work has been done for you. And it would take very few people to finish the project. A small committee could handle it easily.

GOOD PUBLIC RELATIONS — This project would make a very newsworthy story for print or radio.

Please consider this project. If you are interested please contact:  or

Mary L. French
P.O. Box #1845
Charleston SC 29402

Happy New Year!!! Sending you Warm Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season. Lets hope 2023 is a time of joy, a time of hope and good health.
As I look back on at this year’s State Session I was so pleased to see the number of Granges that participated in the taking of materials for their Sesquicentennial Gala Boards. Good luck with the creating of your storyboards.
I, along with a committee, am looking into revising the Matrix with which the Community Service Reports are currently being judged. The new Matrix will be more in align with the judging criteria the National Grange uses. The main focus of your report is still the community service projects you are currently doing. I will post a copy of the new Matric when it is completed.

​I would be happy to visit your Grange and help in any way I can. Help with your Community Service Reports or with community service ideas. Just let me know if I can help.

​The winter months can be very hard for family members, neighbors or shut-ins. Lets see if we can bring a little cheer to a with a short note, a phone call or a short visit.

​Community Service Report Rules and Suggestions.
 Program Date: September 1, 2022 – August 31, 2023

​Community Service Report Due:
 September 10th, 2023. This means that your book needs to be delivered to the State Community Service​Director on or before that date.
Mary Ann Rocco
145 Beadle Lake Drive
Battle Creek, MI 49014

 Granges are divides into two categories, small Granges with 40 members or less and large Granges with more than 40 members. Membership numbers are determined by the second quarter (June 30) membership report to the State Secretary. Granges will compete within their own category.

​Summary Report:
 A Summary report form will be supplied to each Community Service Chairman. A report may be submitted alone or with a notebook to receive full credit as an entry. Reports may be typed or nearly hand written.

​Notebook Report:
  Notebook reports MUST contain the Summary Report as the first pages of the report. Materials should be organized and indexed in a manner that effectively tells the story of your Grange’s Community Service work. Some choose to arrange projects from large to small and others choose to arrange materials in chronological order. You might also want to include newspaper articles, flyers and or pictures of your events. Remember if a couple of pictures cover the event it isn’t necessary to use a couple of pages of materials.

 Our Granges have several ways to honor its members. You can nominate them for the VIP Award or the Dedicated Person Award. We also have the privilege of honoring a Firefighter/EMT, A Law Enforcement Officer or Teacher of the Year Award in your area. These individuals deserve special recognition for services in your area, helping with Grange service projects or very special projects/service they do.
More in depth information will be coming in the next months. If you have something happening in your grange you would like to share in the Michigan Grange News Community Service Report please let me know.

​If I can do anything to help you, please contact me.
 Mary Ann Rocco


Wishing everyone a Happy Saint Patrick Day! and a Blessed Easter.
Punxsutawney Phil has predicated 6 more weeks of winter, but Michigan has been good to us and made it a mild one. Lets hope for an early spring.
At the State Session it was talked about the larger Granges partnering with a smaller Grange and working together with activities and ideas to make them stronger.
I hope some of our Grangers have done this or are thinking about doing this.
Fredonia Grange has a partnered with Plymouth/Westfield Grange. On Saturday February18th, Fredonia Grange is hosting Family Bingo. Maria and Oz from Plymouth/Westfield are planning on attending this event. Our partnership had begun.
The Sesquicentennial Gala is just around the corner. Your display boards will be on display outside the banquet room. Remember your board can represent your community service activities or history of your Grange. During the social hour before the banquet our quests will have the opportunity to view the boards.
The Sesquicentennial committee will supply small easels for the boards. Please bring your display board to the Gala with you and a committee member will help set it up. If for some reason your Grange will not have a member attending you can send it with another Grange that will be attending. Thank you for all your help with this project.
Lets take a look at what our Community Service reports should include.
The Notebook Reports:
  • The summary report should be placed at the beginning of the Notebook. This form is required!
  • Material should be organized. Suggested ways to submit the Notebook is to have the projects grouped together by the size of the project, chronologically or have your Notebook read like a book. Easy to read and follow activities. This is your opportunity to tell the story of your Grange in a neat and concise manner.
  • Please do not send more than one Notebook. Notebooks cannot be larger than a 2-inch binder! More isn’t always better!
  • Videotapes and computer discs cannot be used in place of a report for judging.
  • Projects:
  • Describe the new and old project(s) that will answer the Who? What? Where? When? Why? And How?
  • Why did you choose this project? Did it benefit the community? Did you overcome obstacles? Did you record what you would do differently?
  • Would you recommend this type of project to other Granges?
  • Include the details of the work. Were there special committees? Did it take cooperation of other groups? How many Grangers and non-Grangers were involved? What did you accomplish? Describe your successes.
  • Include support materials used such as publicity, pictures, news articles & letters.
  • Keep the report concise. Include only material that directly impacts the projects you are explaining.
  • On the Project List pages: List the projects, the approximate number of hours spent on each project. List the number of Grangers and non-Grangers who assisted with the project. If more space is needed use additional pages.
Community Service Reports are due September 10th, 2023.

Grange Display Board

1. Decide on the subject/items you want to display. Community Service Projects History Community and Grange information that tells your Grange story to others Title, Grange Name 

​2. Collect items to be displayed on your board

3. Decide and collect the materials you need to assemble your display board. 
  • A display board (A white, 30” by 20” Bi-fold foam board will be provided for you at the workshop)
  • Lettering (size and type --Avery assorted labels another good option)
  • Mounting materials, tape, hot glue, glue, sticky dots, adhesive foam dots, etc.
  • Added accents, sparkles, beads, 3-D Stickers, flowers/leaves/actual items, etc.
  • Color, shapes and borders (card stock weight paper is best for mounting items)
  •  (Most schools and ISD’s have an Ellison die cutter and if you supply your own paper they should let you use it. This makes letters and other objects.)
  • An circuit cutter and a computer and printer (for labels) will be available for your use at the workshop
4. Lay out all items on the board.
  • Placement so board is balanced
  • Room for all materials you want to display
  • Labeling of materials are correctly spelled
  • Looks pleasing to the eye (Don’t over crowd the Board)
  • Your message needs to have clear, clean and concise content
5. Attach materials to your display board.