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"The Dictionary Project" started in South Carolina. The purpose of the project is to put dictionaries into the hands of third graders. These dictionaries are theirs to keep. The organizers of this project are well organized, and have structured the project to make it a success with a minimum of effort. The website includes sample letters, suggestions for labeling the dictionaries, press releases... in short they have thought of everything you need to make the project a success. You may even send for samples of the dictionaries that are offered for sale. Since the current school year is at an end you will have plenty of time to collect information on you school, ordering the dictionaries and make presentation to the school.

There are four things to recommend this project:

GOOD PURPOSE — The Grange has always supported the advancement of education

MEDIUM EXPENSE — The dictionaries are available at a reasonable cost. The books are sold in case lots.

MINIMUM EFFORT — The instructions are very complete. All the thinking work has been done for you. And it would take very few people to finish the project. A small committee could handle it easily.

GOOD PUBLIC RELATIONS — This project would make a very newsworthy story for print or radio.

Please consider this project. If you are interested please contact:  or

Mary L. French
P.O. Box #1845
Charleston SC 29402

HELLO SPRING!!!!! Hopefully sunshine and warmer temperatures will be arriving soon. 

Let’s all try to support other Granges in their Community Service efforts.  A small group of Fredonia Grange members attended a Burr Oak Fish Fry in April. The food was delicious and the fellowship was great.

The Sesquicentennial Committee is requesting all Granges to make a display board depicting the history of your Grange and community service projects that you are currently or have worked on in the past, to be displayed at the 150th Gala. 

To help you with this project we are hosting a workshop on May 21, 2022, 1:00 at the Burns Grange Hall. You can register for the workshop on the Michigan State Grange website.

Many of the items we will cover, can also be used when putting your Community Service reports/booklets together. 

Grange Display Board

1. Decide on the subject/items you want to display.
  • Community Service Projects
  • History
  • Community and Grange information that tells your Grange story to others
  • Title, Grange Name 
2. Collect items to be displayed on your board

3. Decide and collect the materials you need to assemble your display board. 
  • A display board (A white, 30” by 20” Bi-fold foam board will be provided for you at the workshop)
  • Lettering (size and type --Avery assorted labels another good option)
  • Mounting materials, tape, hot glue, glue, sticky dots, adhesive foam dots, etc.
  • Added accents, sparkles, beads, 3-D Stickers, flowers/leaves/actual items, etc.
  • Color, shapes and borders (card stock weight paper is best for mounting items)
  •  (Most schools and ISD’s have an Ellison die cutter and if you supply your own paper they should let you use it. This makes letters and other objects.)
  • An circuit cutter and a computer and printer (for labels) will be available for your use at the workshop

4. Lay out all items on the board.
  • Placement so board is balanced
  • Room for all materials you want to display
  • Labeling of materials are correctly spelled
  • Looks pleasing to the eye (Don’t over crowd the Board)
  • Your message needs to have clear, clean and concise content

5. Attach materials to your display board.

Before you come to the workshop you will need to collect and find the items in lines 1thru 3, and bring them with you. Except for the things we will be providing at the workshop. (The display board, the circuit cutter and the computer and printer.)  Scissors and a ruler may also be something you want to bring with you.

Lines 4 and 5 we will be doing at the workshop. You will be able to use the items we are providing and we will assist you in any way we can.

A light snack will also be provided.

Let's all get together and have a fun afternoon.

Summer Is Here !!!!!
Summer is a busy time for all families. We have many Grange Community Service Projects happening in the next few months.
Fredonia Grange has a new activity they would like to share and invite you to attend. On the 4th Saturday of the month, the Barnyard 7 Band plays many familiar songs for your listening and dancing pleasure. Fredonia Grange Hall, 7:00 P.M.
As you are working on your community service projects, I hope you were able to expand and add a new project this year.
It’s never too late to give a helping hand to your community.
Here are a couple of ideas:
  • Summer is a great time to read to children.
  • Tutor a child during summer break.
  • Volunteer to help with Vacation Summer School in your area.
  • Continue to collect coupons for local food pantries and shelters.
  • Small Bag for the Needy, Hygiene items like soap toothpaste shampoo etc. given to Homeless shelters
  • or Shelters for the Abused.
​No project is too small when helping others.
August 31st marks the end of our Community Service year. Your Community Service Report is due on September 10th, 2022. That means it needs to be delivered to the State Community Service Director on or before that date.  (If special arrangements need to be made for the delivery of your Community Service Report please contact me.)

​Mary Ann Rocco
145 Beadle Lake Drive
​Battle Creek, Michigan 49014
(Just a little note, when mailing your materials please put Drive on the address. There is also Beadle Lake Road and a Beadle Lake in the same zip code.)
​269 209-6640

​Here is a review of information and organization of our Community Service Report. Your Community Service Report 
is for reporting the community service you have done during this Community Service Year.

​The Notebook Reports
  • Please place the summary report at the beginning of the Notebook. It is required!
  • Please do not send more than one Notebook. Notebooks cannot be larger than a 2 inch binder
  • Videotapes and computer discs cannot be used in place of a report for judging.
​Organize the Notebooks.
  • Tell the your story as you organize your projects
  • Group the projects together
  • Keep items that support your projects, like thank you letters and newspaper articles, with or without photos.
  • Simplify your notebook by selecting the best couple of photos for each project.
  • Be concise and stick to the point. More is not always better.
Ways to Organize
  • Organize by New Projects and Continuing Projects
  • Or-Organize in chronological order from the beginning to the end of the year
  • Or -Organize by the largest projects to the smallest projects
  • Keep the page clean and concise
  • List all project at the beginning of the book (Index)
  • Donations for a project should be noted
  • If tabs are use make sure they are secured so they don’t fall out
  • Remember the notebook maximum size is a 2-inch binder.