60822 Creek Road
Niles, MI 49120


​​​​Hello Fellow Grangers of Michigan. I am writing to you today as the newly “appointed” (I offered) Chairperson of the Michigan State Grange Fundraising Committee. As of right now, the committee consists of myself and Russ Hoag of Community Grange #1675. The main reason for this informational letter is to announce a project that we are looking for help with from our knitters and crocheters. Russ has offered his talents but needs help from each of you. Russ has offered to sew together knitted or crocheted squares into an Afghan that will then be raffled off with all proceeds going to the MSG General Fund.  

Here are the requirements: each square must be 10”x10” and use yarn of any color or thickness you would like but just no WOOL please. You may knit or crochet and it can be any stitch or design (must be a square). The goal is to make the Afghan a 10 square by 10 square size, of course keeping the knit from the crochet. DO NOT block your square(s). Once we have the finished item, we will then have Connie Johnston apply to the State of Michigan for the raffle license and print up the tickets to start selling. If anyone would like to donate a few gift cards for places that are located throughout Michigan, we would put together a 2nd prize for the raffle as well. We would like the squares to be mailed to our address which is 60822 Creek Rd, Niles, MI 49120 or to PO Box 714 Niles, 49120. All squares need to be received by March 1st. This will give Russ the rest of March to get it put together with hopes of applying for the license in April.

Have no fear about the number of squares needed! We do not expect all the squares to come from just Grange members. Russ has an active YouTube channel called “It’s Raining Yarn” with over 1,600 subscribers within the United States and in several other Countries. He has asked them if they wish to help us with this to do the same size square and send them to his PO Box in Niles. If we receive more than the number of squares needed for one Afghan, then he will put another one together or whatever size allowed by the remaining squares.  

Our Tupperware Fundraiser has been extended to Jan 19th at 5pm. There is a link on the State Grange’s website to view items and place your order online. All orders ship directly to your address. Our Tupperware consultant is one of Community Grange’s vendors at our Bi-Annual Rummage sales. She is sharing 50% of her commission as our fundraiser income! We do not have any costs to do this fundraiser.

We are looking to bring back “Pennies from Heaven” and “Grange Dollars”. We will take your loose coins at the next State Session in October 2024. The “Grange Dollars” we will be happy to take those at the State Session as well. What we mean by Grange Dollars, on each Dollar bill there is a large letter. We would like to collect any of them that has a “G” on them.  

If you have any other fund-raising ideas, please let me know. We might look at trying another Tupperware Fundraiser later in 2024 as well. Until then…   

Kevin Young
MSG Fundraising Committee

​​Greetings from the Fund-Raising Committee. I just wanted to bring you up to date with what we have going on right now. The Tupperware Party that we have been hosting online is still open until March 15th. We will be closing it for sure at this point. At the writing of this article, we have reached $1,000 in sales!! That means we will get Host Credit to purchase items from their catalog. We will have those items for sale or to be used in the Silent Auction at the 2024 MGS Annual Session. We will also be receiving a portion of the Tupperware Consultant’s commission after the party has been closed.

We are still taking squares, either crocheted or kitted, for the Blanket raffle. I haven’t counted them lately but the last time I did count we had over 80 squares. This Blanket is going to be a colorful masterpiece once Russ gets it all sown together. If you are working on squares and haven’t sent them please still do! We will take them even if we have the 100 that is needed for the Blanket. Another project or raffle item will be made from them. As soon as the blanket is sown together, we will have Connie Johnston apply for the raffle license and print tickets for everyone to help sell or purchase. We will be drawing the winning ticket(s) at the Annual Session in October. Stay tuned for raffle details and possible other raffle prizes to be added. If you have any suggestions of a few other prizes please let me know.  

I hope everyone is collecting their loose coins to bring or send to the MSG Annual Session this October. We are also collecting Grange Dollars. If you look at a Dollar bill, there is a letter on the left side and if that letter is a “G”, that is a Grange Dollar. We are planning to have a competition between the Granges and whichever Grange collects the most will get a framed Grange Dollar to hang in their Hall or meeting location. There might be other things awarded to the top Granges collected as well. Let’s make this project a fun project to see how many we can collect. At the writing of this article, I have already collected almost $50 worth of the Grange Dollars. A few of them even came from my Pomona Grange!

If you have other suggestions for fund raisers, please let me know. We are all ears and no suggestions will be turned away without being discussed.