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A community organization bringing together friends and neighbors, striving to achieve a higher degree of community is the aim of the Grange. Our organization is non-partisan and non-sectarian. We believe in goodwill and mutual respect for individual positions while working toward the common good of all.

The Michigan State Grange has several programs to make your membership in the Grange worthwhile.  Those benefits can be found by following the link to the National Grange Website members benefits page.

Each year that goes by will make your Grange Membership more valuable to you and your family.


is those persons who are initiated into the fourth degree and who are not eligible to be considered in the family membership plan or as a Golden Sheaf member. Dues per member to be paid by the Subordinate Grange to the Michigan State Grange are $50.00 per year, and are to be paid quarterly.

Regular Membership Application

FAMILY MEMBERSHIP is for persons with teenage or college-age children. Dues to be paid to the State Grange are $100.00 per year. This type of membership is for the parents and their children only. The resolution is as follows: families consisting of parents and children living at home who have not attained the age of 19 and/or children living at home and attending school full-time, who have not attained the age of 25.

Family Membership Application

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP is for those persons who are willing to support the Grange but who do not want to attend meetings or take an active part in the Grange's activities. They are not initiated, are not given the password, and do not have voting rights. They are eligible to participate in the insurance programs and to receive the Michigan Grange News. The Subordinate Grange pays to the Michigan State Grange the same amount per quarter on an Associate as for Regular members.

E-MEMBERSHIP is a unique tool that is available to anybody who supports our efforts but does not have the time or the ability to attend Grange meetings on a regular basis; though they still wish to have a link to the organization. E-membership is a class of membership that started this past November following the National Grange convention that is designed to give people a membership status which allows them to receive all of the publications and programs that are available through National Grange electronically. This is a tool that if used productively will help to increase membership in our subordinate Granges across Michigan as well as across the country. For each new e-member that is gained in Michigan, the Michigan State Grange gets $7.50 of the yearly $12.00 dues that National charges.

GOLDEN SHEAF MEMBERSHIP is for those persons who have been Grange Members continuously for 50 years. A special certificate is available for them and is issued by the National Grange. An application is to be made by the Subordinate Grange Secretary to the Michigan State Grange, (on a special form which is available from the Michigan State Grange office) where the membership is verified. The application is then sent on to the National Grange office (accompanied with a check for $10.00 made out to the National Grange) who issues the certificate. The application should be sent to the State Grange Office no more than 60 days in advance of the anniversary date. A Golden Sheaf Pin maybe purchased by the Subordinate Grange. The Subordinate Grange is required to pay on those having become a Golden Sheaf Member after January 1, 1989. (Delegate Action, 1988).


Wow! A new year. Time to start your Grange year with a fresh start and clean slate. The Program Book contains the 2023 membership program. I spoke briefly about this at state session. I am pairing up Granges in the state with the intention that they can work together to improve their programs and membership. I will be mailing information to each Grange membership director in January with the Grange pairings and expectations.
As part of this program, I was looking in the MSG roster at locations for every Grange. I noticed that
some Granges are having their meetings during the day. This is great for your Grange if everyone is retired. But if you really want to grow your membership, please consider having your meetings in the
evenings or on the weekends. Nothing will stall the growth of a Grange like having inconvenient meeting
I attended the National Grange convention in Reno, NV and there is a buzz in the air about Grange
growth. Many Granges and state Granges across the country had a net increase in membership. And better yet, the National Grange as a whole had a net gain! Let’s ride this wave and have Michigan be
among the net gain states next year!
Have a safe and warm winter!

Welcome to spring!
I am hoping every Grange has reviewed the membership letter that was mailed in early January and
has started a plan to meet with their “sister” Grange.
I believe this will be a great opportunity to share information between each other. Please reach out to
your sister Grange if you have not had communication yet.  If you have not seen the letter, they were mailed to membership chairman, if listed for your Grange, then either master or secretary. Please contact me to receive another copy of the letter as there is important information in it. Here are the pairings. The Grange in the left column is to visit the Grange across from them in the right column. I tried to keep them as geographically close to each as possible.
Burns #160 Maple Leaf #940
Community #1675 West Oshtemo #1630
Fredonia #1713 Plymouth/Westland #389
Gratiot #1898 Kinney #754
Harbor Springs #730 Barnard #689
Home #129 White Pigeon #1345
Mosherville #1351 Colon #215
North Adrian #721 Burr Oak #1350
Oceana Center #1047 Summit City #672
Pittsfield Union #882 Adams #286
Studley #1174 Fern #803
Amanda Brozana, Leadership and Membership Director for the National Grange had a suggestion
for the Granges participating in this program. I sent her the letter that each of you received as the idea for
this program came from a Membership Matters Zoom meeting that is held monthly. She had a few
suggestions to make the visitation fun. Take along a favorite potluck item (and the recipe) to exchange a
few good bites. Or give members of the Grange a small gift/token of friendship. No need to spend a lot
of money for this last suggestion.
The end of the first quarter is almost here. That means the end of the membership year is fast approaching! The Grange year for the membership department ends June 30. I would love to see every Grange gain a member or two!
Wishing you a Happy Easter!


​​If you weren't able to attend the "Growth Thru Action" Zoom workshop on January 16th
​presented by ​Joe Stefenoni, Director of Membership & Leadership Development for
​The National Grange, you ​can access the PowerPoint presentation ​and ​the participation packet:

Growth Thru Action PowerPoint Presentation

Growth Thru Action Participation Packet​