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Welcome to Spring??
Well almost anyways.. This is a great time of year. We get to witness the return of all the snowbirds, whether those be the human ​snowbirds or the feathered snowbirds. When the robins return we know that Spring is sure to follow. As we prepare for Spring to arrive, let's take some time to clean our Grange halls, prepare our yards for spring flowers, clear away the cold brown appearance of winter, open our doors and let the public in. As we prepare for Grange Month, we need to prepare our programs to be welcoming to new members.
April is Grange Month.
This year the Michigan State Grange celebrates 150 years of service to the people of the great state of Michigan. So on April 15th, we will be hosting a Gala in Okemos to celebrate. I am hoping that you are all planning to attend. If you are planning to attend please RSVP to Rich Hazen, his contact information is in his column of this issue of the Michigan Grange News. Or you can RSVP on the Michigan State Grange website. The committee is asking you to respond by March 25th and no later please. The Gala is looking to be a fantastic time of Historical remembrance, fellowship, presentations, great food, and special guests.
As a reminder, if your Grange has raffle tickets for the 150th committee please get those sold and returned to Connie as soon as you can or make arrangements with her to bring them to the gala.
April is a great time to award our Citizen of the Year, VIP, Dedicated Worker, Law Enforcement of the Year, Teacher of the Year, and Firefighter of the Year awards. Remember as we are having a special evening to present these awards, we need to make sure we are inviting the press to capture the accomplishments of these individuals and the Grange for the last year.
Grange Revival
For those that don’t know, Grange Revival is a group of Grangers from across the country that get together for nearly a week in July every other year at a campground, for fellowship and touring the country as a group. The evening meal is at a central location in the campground where we will all gather to break bread as a group. This will be a time of talking about what we have done for the day and our plans for the following day. There will be activities following the meals such as games and skits. This year is the first year it is being held in a state with a Grange presence and extra special for our state as it is being held in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, in the small town of Curtis. If you are interested in attending all or part of the event please contact me for more information. Registration is open now and they are asking to get them in so you can be added to the communication emails.

150th Celebration
Congratulations to the Michigan State Grange on 150 years of continuous service to the citizens of the Great State of Michigan. Thank you to Rich Hazen Chairman, Randy Nail, Alayna Nail, Jackie Bishop, Mary Ann Rocco, Terri Misner, Lori McPeck and Connie Johnston, who worked diligently for two years on preparing and executing the Gala that was held April 15, 2023. What a fantastic Grange day.

​​As we continue 
our celebrations of the 150th year into our convention in October, we need to begin planning for the next 150 years, or at least start with the next year… I am still looking for individuals that are willing to step up and take on the role of the Youth/Young Adult/Junior Director, as well as the Legislative Director. These two roles will go a long way in securing our viability and stability into the future. I look forward to hearing from dedicated, willing individuals.
Grange Month
Since April was Grange Month, I hope everyone opened their halls and homes to the community and recognized members of the community for their hard work and dedication to the betterment of life in general. The more we recognize individuals for their work, the more we can invite the community into our Granges and advance the interest.
Grange Revival
In July, Grangers from all across the country will be converging on the small town of Curtis in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. There will be evening meals together with fellowship time, there will be games going on throughout the week. There is a trip planned with your registration that goes to Sault St. Marie with a boat tour of the Soo Locks, plus multiple other day trips that individuals will be taking. There is a evening that an entertainer has been acquired for some music around the campfire. You don’t want to miss out on the fellowship that this Revival is known for. This is one of those events that you are able to relax and enjoy, very little work is involved.
State Session
This year our convention will be held in the Lenawee County Fairgrounds Community Building. There are a plethora of hotels around Adrian, as well as restaurants. More information will be coming in future issues and on the website as we get closer.
National Session
The National Session in November is being held in Niagara Falls, New York. The registration for National opens the first of May. This year it is only a little over 4 hours drive for me going through Canada. It is close enough to make the trip and see how the National Grange operates. Michigan will be one of the several hosts next year and we will need a lot of support in Iowa. This year would be a great opportunity to see what all will be needed to be done and what you might be able to help with.