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State Grange Session
As many of you are well aware, the annual session will be quickly approaching. In the next issue of the Michigan Grange news you will find more information in regards to places for lodging in the Marshall area. Region 3 will be hosting the convention at the BE Henry Building in Marshall. More information will be coming soon.

​As in years past I am sure that everyone will have a great time seeing old friends and getting 
acquainted with new friends. But now is the time to start getting resolutions together to send to the session. This is one of the Grange’s best foundations, being a grassroots organization and having the resolutions come from the local Granges to move up through the levels to the National level. Review the current Legislative policy and see if there are any changes that need to be made as things change with time. Got an issue with something? Write a resolution on
how to make it better. Resolutions are due to the State Grange office by Oct. 1st.

National Grange Session
The National Grange session will be quickly following the state session. With three weeks between sessions there will be little time for rest before we head to Nevada. Which also means that in order to assist National Grange in the preparations for the delegate body we need to do our due diligence in making sure that the resolutions we pass are in proper form and are relevant to the times and events of the country and organization. If you want or need assistance in writing a resolution in proper form, please reach out and we’ll make it happen.

Michigan’s Sesquicentennial Gala
Plans are still in the works to celebrate Michigan State Grange’s 150 years. Raffle tickets are available, just let me or Connie know if you’d like to sell any and we’ll get them to you. It takes funds to celebrate in style and we need your help in raising the funds.
Also, if your Grange hasn’t done so yet, the committee requested a gift card from your Grange to be put towards the raffle. They’ve only received a few of them at this point. Please consider getting a gift card to send to any of the committee members. The committee is trying to make this a free event for our members and they need your support to do so.
Until next time……..

​​150th Committee Raffle
As we are preparing for our 150th year we are raising money for the celebration that goes along with that. The 150th committee is having a raffle. The prizes of this raffle will be first place $250 in various gift cards, second place will be an acrylic painting for a tiger, and third place is a quilted lap robe from the squares sent to the National Grange quilt block contest. If you recall from a previous 150th committee article from Rich, the 150th committee chair, the committee is requesting donations of gift cards from every Grange. Tickets will be available at the May 21st event at Burns Grange Hall, they will sell for $5 each or 3 for $10 and the drawing for the prizes will be at the 150th Sesquicentennial Gala in April 2023.
2023 Farm Bill
With every Farm Bill the US Congress does every five years; they begin with field hearings. US Senator Debbie Stabenow is currently sitting as the Chairman of the Senate Ag committee, and has for several years. The Michigan State Grange was invited to be a part of this hearing. I attended to represent the Michigan State Grange on Friday April 29. It was held at Michigan State University’s new STEM building on the East Lansing campus. While I did not give a testimony before the hearing, I did listen and talk with a few from other Agriculture related organizations from Michigan, as well as a brief discussion with the Senator. The Grange has been actively involved in the Farm Bill since the first Farm Bill. Burton Elller, Legislative Director of the National Grange communicates regularly with Senators and Representatives and their staff on key issues important to the National Grange that are included in the Farm Bill. The Farm Bill encapsulates a wide array of topics from specialty crop insurance to SNAP Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Grange Law
In the last issue I mentioned about “Why do we do what we do.” Now we need to discuss the responsibilities of the Granges. Every Subordinate Grange is required to have at least one meeting per month every month. I understand that there are Granges that don't meet during the winter because the roads might be bad, or it gets dark too early, or so many of our members go south for the winter. This does not excuse the fact that when we joined we took an oath to abide by the bylaws of your local Grange, the bylaws of the State Grange and the bylaws of the National Grange.

​​While I 
understand the challenges of meeting, you might consider changing the time of your meetings for the Winter months so you don't have to drive in the dark. If the roads are bad, change the date of your meeting. Increase your membership so that when those who go south for the winter, your Grange can still meet. And don’t forget the ability of having a virtual meeting with the use of the State Grange’s Zoom account. This way those snowbirds can attend from states away and with bad roads, you can meet from the safety of your home. While you typically use the computer and internet for this virtual meeting, you have the ability to call in as well to be part of the meeting. Just contact me or Connie and we’ll get the Zoom meeting set up and send you the link to send to your members.

​​For the Granges 
that have meal functions in your hall. If your County health department requires you to have a food service permit, (they all will) please make sure you are obtaining one of them. Make sure you are doing what it takes to cover yourself and the Grange from Liability issues.
Until next time…….